Safira Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. has been established towards the end of 2008 with the purpose of manufacturing disposible plastic products and marketing these products in domestic and overseas markets.

Our company, having been established in a total covered area of 15000 m2, began its trial production; in line with successful results of the improvement and development activities, has continued to produce at full capacity since March 2009.

Safira Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. has proven world standard manufacturing with its modern infrastructure and worldwide experienced staff. The initial monthly production capacity of 100 tons has finally reached 750 tons following the addiotional investments nowadays. Safira Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. has achieved an increasing production capacity by 750% as well as an increasing variety in its product range having reached to 600 different kinds.

Safira Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. has been walking its way to create a production line compromising a brand of plastic converted into art with love by using today's information and technology besides innovative, professionel, reliable understanding of corporate sector in an unaccustomed way, producing a new aesthetic and fashion in every sense of life, facilitating human and environmental sensitivity.

In addition to the production of disposible products with worldwide accepted quality standards, Safira Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. has also reached the justifiable pride of having achieved a great success by exporting 98% of its montly production to 50 countries emphasizing commercial and ethic values of our country to all other countries in the world.

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